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A dead scientist if you fail.
Vital statistics
Rank scientist
Gender Male
Race Neosapien, Alpha
Faction Neosapien Order
Position Scientist

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The publicly acclaimed inventor of the GRAF Shield, Xenobius was an Alpha Neosapian scientist. Algernon, the true Inventor of the GRAF Shield, allowed Xenobius to take credit for his invention under the condition that Xenobius would shield from the rigors of the everyday world and allow him to work in piece. This arrangement was in place for almost a year when it finally fell through.

Marsh, DeLeon and Marsala captured Xenobius believing him to be to the inventor of the GRAF shield. Out of fear, Xenobius told them the truth about Algernon and the GRAF shield. Following his release from Marsh's team, Xenobius quickly headed to Venus to warn Algernon that the Exo-fleet now knew he was a fake. But Algernon only warned him to keep the day to day garbage away from him or he would tell Draconis the truth. Once again, motivated by fear, Xenobius maintained the charade.

When Professor Algernon sabotaged the GRAF Shield on Venus, Xenobius was forced to take the blame for shield’s failure. He was never seen again and presumed killed.


  • His name could be based on Xenos.
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