Admiral Winfield
Admiral winfield 1
Admiral Winfield
Vital statistics
Rank Admiral
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction ExoFleet
Position Exofleet Commander-in-Chief

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You were always a worthy opponent, Admiral.
- Jonas Simbacca

Voiced by Wally Marsh.

Admiral James Winfield was the supreme commander of the ExoFleet during the Second Neosapien War. A brilliant strategist and tactician, he was a man deeply respected and accorded nearly unquestioned authority. Even though his decisions at times seemed high-risk, his experience seldom failed him. The fact that he and J.T. Marsh were the only two people the Pirate Leader Jonas Simbacca truly respected as warriors speaks for itself He testified for Marsala and let join him exo force and personally promoted him after the war to rear admiral after the second war before semi retirement from getting exacuted a let him join the fleet beacuse he was not a cowred and civilians and pows he captured were well care for and people who disobeyed where courtmarsheled and high ranking generals where courtmarsheld by firing squad few kept for war crime trail one Marsala realized the war was probably losed, there were moments of weakness, as he failed to notice the fires of mutiny growing on his ship and the fleet. Winfield's advanced age meant he was periodically indisposed due to illness and/or injury, an occurrence the incompetent Captain Marcus never failed to take full advantage of. At the war's end, the Admiral he semi retired from the Exofleet with full honors to build a horse ranch.

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