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The following text describes the Playmates version of this vehicle. They may not match the weapons featured on Exosquad the TV series.

Triple Shooter Missile Launcher

Leg mounted Exogun


Exowalkers are nimble and lightly armed vehicles which are smaller than typical single pilot e-frames but still heavier than Jump Trooper armour.

They only make very rare appearances in the Exosquad series. Exowalkers are briefly seen supporting the jump troops' assault on Venus in Behind the Shield and Venus Rising. Another Exowalker appears in Fire Ship for a moment shortly before being destroyed in the Neo ambush.


While the Exowalker only appeared twice in Exosquad, a Playmates toy which was paired with a Marsala action figure was created – even though he never used this e-frame in the series. The bio card described the Exowalker as  ‘the ultimate in intelligence gathering recon’, but it was also supposed to be large enough to crush enemy E-frames.

In Exosquad, the Exowalker appeared to be a very small e-frame, only slightly taller than jumptrooper suits. However, the Playmates toy was classed as a ‘Light Attack’ E-frame – the Playmates term for larger vehicles like the PO-024 Field Repair and AL-002 Troop Transport.

An animation error can be found when a pair of Exowalkers appear in Venus Rising alongside the jump troops assaulting Venus. While the Exowalkers are flying, their legs are moving as if they were on the ground. The same motion is portrayed when the camera switches to a rear view of these vehicles.


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