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The Venusian Resistance (also later called the Venusian Resistance Force) against the Neosapien occupation of Venus was made up of the very few survivors of former farmers led by James Burns. The resistance was poorly equipped and disorganized when compared to the resistance cells on Earth. They lacked major heavy weapons and had very few E-frames. The resistance perferred method of transport were jetpacks that enabled them to traverse the desert and jungle terrain of Venus.

The major concern for the members of the Venus resistance was survial and the acquiring of food. The survivors of Venus, who were left after the intial conquest of Venus by Phaeton's regime, were brutally subjagated by Governor General Draconis. Draconis loathed the humans and his methods for dealing with them were to starve and work them to death. The humans that hid in caves and fought for survival initially hated and resented ExoFleet. When J.T. Marsh, Alec DeLeon and Marsala were captured by members of the resistance James Burn's initial thought was to trade the "(t)hree troopers...for three months' food." Only with the timely arrival of James' sister Nara Burns who was a member of Able Squad did the Venusian Resistance agree to work with the ExoFleet.

After the Venusian resistance helped members of Able Squad disable the Venusian GRAF Shield and extract its creator Professor Algernon, Admiral Winfield offered to evacuate James Burns and the survivors in the caves off of Venus but they decide to stay. ExoFleet then gave the resistance supplies and rations and would contine to routinely supply them throughout the war.

Later in the war during "(a) routine supply drop on Venus,.." Nara Burns and Wolf Bronsky discovered the resistance camp had been destroyed by the NeoSapiens, and most members were either killed or captured in order to build a secret facility at Dragon's Rock that Draconis did not want Phaeton to know about. With the help of the other members of Able Squad Nara and Wolf were able to free the captives, including James Burns, and deliver the supplies.

With the help of the ExoFleet and their Pirate allies, the Venusian resistance was able to reconquer Venus and establish contol over most of the major cities including the capital Vesta. The battle for the contol of Venus would not end there as many former members of the Venusian resistance under command of Krueger, who replaced James Burns after he suffered major wounds during the Battle of Vesta, wanted all NeoSapiens including thoose loyal to ExoFleet removed from Venus. It would take the injured James Burns and Able Squad to force the former resistance members to surrender.

Small pockets of NeoSapien troopers continued to hide out in caves and resorted to the hit and run tactics once used by the humans to attack resistance contolled bases until the war ended following Phaeton's death and the reconquering of Earth.

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