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Venus has been terraformed extensively to make it habitable for humans and with time, it became the major agricultural center of the Homeworlds. Its entire poisonous atmosphere has been apparently replaced by one suitable for human respiration and the planet became famous for its lush jungles as well as barren deserts covering it. The planet still possed substantial cloud cover, probably re-engineered to mediate the heat and radiation dangers caused by the planets proximity to the sun. One of the largest cities and capitals was called Vesta named after the Roman goddess of hearth and home. Before the Neosapien War, the entire planet had been off limits for the Neosapiens.

Venus fell into Neosapien possession roughly at the same time with Earth and the Venusians suffered greatly under the atrocities of highly paranoid Draconis assigned there by Phaeton: starving the Venusian Resistance to death by systematically destroying all food supplies on the planet was only one example of his tactics. Simultaneously, Draconis was building a secret stronghold at Dragon's Rock to take over Phaeton's position and exploited humans to the last degree (since he couldn't ask for additional Neosapien workers).

It was Venus were the mighty GRAF (GRAvitation Focus) Shield, an ultimate defensive weapon capable of crushing entire fleets approaching the planet, was invented by Professor Algernon and built by the Neosapien scientist Xenobius. However, before the GRAF Shield could be activated Exo-fleet members of Able Squad with the help of the Venusian Resistance extracted Algernon, who then reprogrammed it to destroy the Neosapien ships instead. With Algernon kidnapped and Xenobius arrested and, most likely, executed for treason, the Neosapiens deactivated the Shield fearing another malfunction.

After this first manifestation of Exofleet's power, the human resistance became more organized, now known as the Venusian Resistance Force headed by James Burns, whose sister Lieutenant Nara Burns was a member and later, the leader of the Able Squad. Venus was the first Homeworld retaken by the Exo-fleet but it came at a great cost. James Burns sustained severe injuries in the battle for Vesta, the capital of Venus, and died shortly thereafter partly because of them. Draconis, seeing that the battle was lost, ordered Thrax to trigger the nuclear explosives planted beneath the city to kill as many Terrans as possible. Thrax decided to disobey this order, thus, saving thousands of lives.

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