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You see, any leader is expendable if there is another willing to take his place.
General Typhonus
Vital statistics
Rank General
Gender Male
Race Neosapien
Faction Neosapien Order
Position Fleet Commander
E-frames RA-643 High Speed
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General Typhonus was the Minister of Battle Forces of the Neosapien Order and de facto the ruler of Mars after the relocation of Phaeton's capital to Phaeton City (formerly, Chicago).

Typhonus has likely "died" more often than any other Neosapien general. In the 6th episode, Target Earth, Typnonis, or a Neosapien commander resembling him, was presumed killed when a giant E-frame fell on him and exploded. When Able Squad captured Phaeton during their mission to destroy the Olympus Mons Neosapien breeding facility, Typhonus attempted to kill both Able Squad and Phaeton, so he could succeed Phaeton as Supreme Ruler of the Neosapien Order. He failed in this, and Phaeton escaped the captivity and only spared Typhonus' life on the condition that he would lead a task force to hunt down and destroy the Exofleet, and particularly Marsala (for betraying his "brother" Phaeton), J.T. Marsh (for causing his Automutation), and Admiral Winfield, the leader of Exofleet.

Typhonus attempted to disrupt the alliance process between the Pirate Clans and the Exofleet. Ironically, Jonas Simbacca had already rejected an alliance with the Exofleet when Typhonus arrived at the orbit above Tethys with a Neosapien fleet. Simbacca quickly rejected Typhonus' "offers" of peaceful co-exsistance, whereupon Typhonus sprang an ambush and kidnapped Simbacca.

Typhonus's actions not only illustrated his duplicity to the Pirates, but convinced Simbacca to join with the Exofleet, the exact event that Typhonus had been sent to prevent. After these failures, Phaeton had him summarily executed,via vaporization, and a resurrection of him, who he believed to be loyal, assigned to Mars. Typhonus later met his end when he was captured by Rita Torres, and a troop of Exo-scouts, and left on the surface of the planet as it exploded. He was resurrected again and was placed in command over the Moon during its successful reconquest by the Exo-fleet, and was killed in action after having mortally wounded Alec DeLeon.

The final Typhonus was activated, along with Draconis and Shiva, to capture J.T. Marsh, and later called up by Phaeton to execute a large number of supposed "traitors" to Phaeton, including Thrax and Galba. However, before he could give the order, he was blown away by Sean Napier's force of stolen Neosapien Tanks. Typhonus preferred high speed stealth #RA-643 E-frames to fully equipped combat ones.

Since Typhonus' decision to betray Phaeton in the battle of Olympus Mons led to the injuries that triggered his Automutation Syndrome and his consequent insanity, and it was Typhonus who was single-handedly responsible for driving the Pirate Clans into an alliance with the Exofleet, he may have unintentionally done more than any other single Neosapien to bring about the downfall of the Neosapien Order.


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