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  • Name: Telemachus
  • Species: Male, Neo-Sapien
  • Faction: Neo-Sapien Commonwealth
  • Rank: Communications Officer
  • Born: Martian Brood Center ( At Some Unknown Time Before The Second Neo-Sapien war)
  • Death: 2121, Earth

"Telemachus" Is The Name Of A Neo-Sapien Who Served The Neo-Sapien Commonwealth During The Second Neo-Sapien War From 2119-2121. Like All Neo-Sapiens Telemachus Could Be Identified By His Particular "Brood Mark Tattoo On His Forehead


During The Second Neo-Sapien War Telemachus Was An Highly Skilled Communications Officer . Because Of His Abilities , He Bounced Around A Lot Doing Whatever Was Required Of Him. During His Time On Venus Under The Command Of General Draconis , Telemachus Saw The Worst of The Venus Occupation Forces Brutal Treatment Of The Terrans , At That Moment He Hated Himself For Nothing Had Really Changed For The Oppressed Had Become The Oppressors. He especially Hated General Draconis's Second In Command Creon , Creon Was A Sadist Of The Highest Order. He Was Loyal To His Hero And Eventual Commander Thrax During His Posting In The Amazon During The waning Stages Of The Second Neo-Sapien War.

Thrax Is Saddened to Find Him In This State

Telemachus Even Offered To stay by his side after He told Thrax That Possible enemy E-Frames were approaching their Position. Thrax Give Instructions to all under his command to head into the Jungle and hide there, He Says That They Are "Special Orders: From Governor-General Phaeton And From There They Are To Commence Guerrilla Warfare Tactics Against The Exo-Fleet If Possible.But If Something Happens To Phaeton, They Are To Surrender. "Remember , It Is Phaeton's Wish That If The War Is Lost, You Should Live. Telemachus Then Reports That The Possible Enemy E-Frames Have Been Identified As Neo-Sapien Ones. To Which Thrax Dismisses It As A Terran Trick And He Tells To Leave for The Jungle.Even Though Telemachus Doesn't Want To Leave , Thrax Tells Him "Once On The Planet Mercury , My Commander Ordered Me Away From A Hopeless Battle, Perhaps He Saved My Life Soo I Can Save Yours". The Others Are Now In Your Care Telemachus. You must all survive no matter what. Now Go Telemachus , That Is An Order Telemachus, He Grudgingly Obeys And Salutes His Commanding Officer And Leaves. After Fleeing Into The Jungle , Telemachus runs Into Dr Ketzler And His People , The Mad Scientists Uses His Serum On Him , Turning Him into an Immobile Plant like Statue.


Telemachus Served The Neo-Sapien Order Faithfully During The Second Neo-Sapien War , All He Wanted Was Justice for His People. When Telemachus Had Any Down Time , He Would Track The war As It Progressed Across The Home Worlds. He was Loyal To His Hero And Eventual Commander Thrax During His Posting In The Amazon ,During The waning Stages Of The WAR. In The end Telemachus was Killed When The Mad Scientists Dr Ketzler Injected His Serum Into Him and Died As A Result