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Introduced as one of the final expansion series to the ExoSquad series, the Special Mission series introduced several gimmick items to the series. These gimmicks included Wind-up motor action, interchangeable arms and swappable weapons to the E-frames.

Each toy in the Special Mission series was equipped with a wind up motor in one arm, typically the left. Each wind up motor had a switch that allowed you wind up the motor and hold the wind until you chose to release it. The motor itself would drive some form of accessory that was itself interchangeable with other accessories from the Special Mission series. Examples of this gimmick include Bronski's jack hammer and DeLeon's buzz saw.

The second major gimmick was the introduction of interchangeable arms. By utilizing a tension pin in the shoulder, you could pop the arms off of one special mission E-frame and replace it with the arms from another special Mission E-frame. As an addition to this particular gimmick, the arms themselves were designed with additional mounting points on them. Using a second set of tension pins that were included with each Special Mission E-frame, you could attach extra arms from the other Special Mission E-frames. Now if you happen to have all four of the Special Mission E-frame toys, and make sure to not loose the tension pins, you could take all four pairs of arms and attach them to a single E-frame.

Each Special mission E-frame was designed with a particular environment in mind, Deep space, Deep ocean, Adverse terran and Sub-terrean.

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Ya know, I don't want to mess with a guy that has THIS MUCH HARD WARE!!!

J.T. Marsh with Deep Space E-frameMarsh-special mission thumb
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Typhonus with Deep Submergence E-frameTyphonus-special mission th
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Alec DeLeon with All Terrain E-frameDeLeon-special mission-thum
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J.T. Marsh W/ Deep Space E-frame Typhonus w/ Deep Submergence E-frame Wolf Bronski w/ Subterranean E-frame Alec DeLeon w/ All Terrain E-frame