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Voiced by Gary Chalk.

So long Shiva. You were the best of them.
General Shiva
Vital statistics
Rank General
Gender Male
Race Neosapien
Faction Neosapien Order
Position Commanding General of Earth (former)

Fleet Commander (Former) Battalion Commander, Phaeton City

E-frames AA-569 Amphibious Assault
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General Shiva was the first Commanding General of Earth Occupation and the most feared and hated Neosapien of all times, with the exception of Phaeton.


The blow you are about to strike will send the Terran rabble back to the cover of their Pirate hideouts. You will have your revenge for the Terrans' destruction of Mars. I will build a monument to your victory on Venus, and inscribe your names in stone, so that future broods will remember your courage.

Known for his cruelty and ruthlessness, placing victory and efficiency above any moral concerns. Because of his genetically enhanced intelligence and strength, Shiva had the upper hand in any combat - the reason why Phaeton given him command over Earth, the cradle of mankind. He was widely considered the best of the Neosapien Generals, although he always lacked spontaneity and unpredictability in battle which may be why he (despite false accusations) never betrayed Phaeton.

Due to manipulations by the Neo Megas (already plotting to seize control of the Neosapien Order) and Phaeton's paranoia, Shiva was removed from his position of Commanding General of Earth and replaced by Livia. Later, leading an assault in Australia, Shiva was captured by the Terran forces, and forced to halt a Neosapien assault on trapped Resistance and Able Squad fighters (including J.T. Marsh). When offered the choice of remaining a captive and aiding Exofleet or being freed and returning to Phaeton, he chose the latter, even knowing that Phaeton would punish him for his failure.

Much later, Phaeton freed Shiva from his prison after the destruction of Mars and the continuing battles against Exofleet had reduced the Neosapiens' morale and their remaining fleet to a ragtag force. Realizing that his other two generals had betrayed and failed him, Phaeton knew that only Shiva had any chance of turning the tide of the war, which was going disastrously for the Neosapien Order, by retaking Venus. Shiva possessed tremendous loyalty and, despite the abuse Phaeton had piled upon him by demoting and imprisoning him, agreed without question to lead the assault.

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When it became clear that the Neosapien attack had failed to achieve the objectives, Shiva decided to lead a last all-out assault with all remaining Neosapien E-frames, piloting one himself, rather than retreat. He was shot down by J.T. Marsh, crash landing on the surface of the planet. He was found by a group of ExoScouts, to which he introduced himself as "just a soldier"; taking pity on him, they attempted to carry him back but he soon died of his wounds. His dislike of Terrans was put forth in his final moments as he asked to die alone rather than in the company of "half-formed Terrans".

Of all the Neosapien generals, Shiva only died once. He was brought back to life by Phaeton in the body of a clone, and he was the only one to survive the final siege of Phaeton's bunker on Earth. After the war, he saved Sean Napier's life for he hoped that Napier's promise of a new future for both humans and Neosapiens would come true. Ironically, when Napier tried to thank Shiva, Shiva refused to shake Sean Napier's hand, just as Napier had refused to shake hands with Phaeton after Napier saved Phaeton's life, showing that there were still wounds left to be healed.

Shiva's E-frame of choice was an AA-569 Amphibious Assault.


  • His name is based on the Hindu god Shiva "the Destroyer", whose weapon is a trident (which can be seen as part of Shiva's brood mark).
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