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SLR-345 Wraith E-frame
Wraith E-frame in Standard Exo-fleet Configuration
Standard Armaments
Known Pilots
Pilots Alec DeLeon

James Burns
Wolf Bronski

The most fragile and complex E-frame of the Exofleet, the "Wraith" was an integral element of any exosquad because of its powerful communication and surveillance systems. It requires a lot of skill and training to master #SLR-345, so if it wasn't for Alec DeLeon's abilities, the Able Squad would have been blind and deaf. DeLeon's Algernon Upgrades were an Mega-burst Jammer and an Advanced Flight Recorder, a device capable of blending pilot's mind with the E-frame navigation computer and even storing the pilot's personality.


Height: 2.5m (8' 2")
Width [shoulder to shoulder]: 1.6m (5' 3")
Profile [cockpit]: 1.1m (3' 7")


Primary Lift/Thrust: Mag-Lev Anti-Gravity VTO Leg Jets


TopMission variable options:

  • Single missile launcher (with dual antenna)
  • Single missile launcher, single rocket launcher (with single antenna)

Right Arm

  • Chain rocket launcher (housed beneath the launchable probe, rapid-fires small-warhead rocket)

Left Arm

  • Four Barrel Fusion Missile Launcher (long or short range)
  • Gattling Gun


Mission variable options:

  • Single missile launcher (one each leg)
  • Cylindrical rocket launcher (right leg)


Front: 3cm Clearvision and Composite Protective Shielding (primary concern is pilot visibility, only capable of deflecting light/medium blaster and light impacts)
Back: 7cm Plasteel Armor exterior, 3cm Plasteel Armor interior (electronics and power distribution housed in between)
Arms: 4cm Plasteel Armor housing

Accessory Equipment[]


  • Rotating Long-Range Dish Radar (monitors and tracks all battlefield activity and communications; has an effective transmission range on the interplanetary scale)
  • Single or dual antenna

Right Arm

  • Launchable probe (with miles of range, its digital imaging provides the pilot with a precision long-range scouting tool)


Armament: Mega-Burst Jammer. A medium range Electronic ware fare weapon that can jam and take control of enemy electronics.
See full article: Mega-burst Jammer.
Accessory Equipment
Advanced Flight Recorder (pilot's "black box", provides an almost perfect synthesis of the pilot's mind with E-Frame)


With its extensive communications and reconnaissance capabilities, the Wraith is an integral part of every exosquad, whether on a battlefield or engaged in scouting operations. Such complexity requires a well-trained pilot for the Wraith to be used to its potential. But the Wraith is also the most fragile of all ExoFleet General Purpose E-Frames, since it sacrifices armor for atmospheric speed and its additional electronics.


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