The ExoCarrier Resolute II
Resolute II
The Resolute II in Venusian orbit.
Vital statistics
Fleet Position Flagship
Ship Class ExoCarrier
Faction ExoFleet
Known Captains Jonas Simbacca


While Jonas Simbacca had allied the Pirate Clans with the ExoFleet against Phaeton, many of the pirates did not support or agree with Simbacca's choice. These rogue Pirates worked to build their own fleet, the flagship of which was to be a massive Exo Cruiser based on the designs of the ExoFleet's former Flagship the Resolute. When completed, it would have been able to match anything in the ExoFleet or the Pirate Clans.

As it worked out, Marsh and Able Squad captured the ship prior to its engines being completed. Utilizing the dry dock's lauching system, they launched the massive Cruiser into space and contacted ExoFleet. The ship was quickly completed under ExoFleet supervision and rechristened the Resolute II. Placed under the command of Jonas Simbacca, it would go on to lead the efforts in the war.

Admiral Winfield would transfer his flag to the Resolute II prior to the invasion of Venus, making the Resolute II the flagship of the combined ExoFleet/Pirate space fleet.

Resolute 2 launching from p

The future Resolute II launches from Port Chaos.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

The Resolute II is one of the most powerful vessels ever built. While exact numbers are debatable, the Resolute II was equiped with dozens of E-frame hangars, laser batteries and fusion torpedo launchers. When used in an orbital bombardment role, the Resolute II could bring enough fire power to bear to level any ground based structure. A combination of laser batteries and fusion torpedoes made this vessel a lethal ship killer as well.

Like most pirate built ships, the Resolute II was equipped with a dark matter cloaking system that allowed it to vanish from sight and sensors. When coupled with its massive engines, the Resolute II could cloak, quickly redeploy, and uncloak to attack a foe from a new direction.

All these tactics were used when the Resolute II went toe-to-toe with the Neosapien flagship, Olympus Mons II. Bringing its full power to bear against the massive vessel, Simbacca executed a truly aggressive tactic by manuevering the faster Exocarrier alongside the larger, more powerful, and ostensibly invincible Olympus Mons II, unloading a full barrage of laser fire, pulling away from the enemy ship, re-cloaking and moving to the other side and repeating. After a brutal slugging match reduced Olympus Mons II to a crippled hulk, Simbacca ordered the coup de grace, a full spread of fusion torpedoes.

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