The ExoCarrier Resolute
The Resolute in orbit around Io
Vital statistics
Fleet Position Flagship
Ship Class ExoCarrier
Faction ExoFleet
Known Captains Matthew Marcus

The Resolute was the largest, most powerful ExoCarrier in the ExoFleet during the first few years of the Second Neosapien War and served as Admiral Winfield's personal flagship. Unfortunately, she was also commanded by Matthew Marcus, an incompetent captain who ultimately led the ship to destruction.

She fought with distinction in every campaign against the Pirate Clans and the Neosapiens until Captain Marcus mutinied against Admiral Winfield and led the ExoFleet into battle against a Neosapien fleet twice its size. The engagement fared poorly for the ExoFleet from the start. Faced with imminent defeat, Marcus chose to stay with the ship while the crew evacuated in lifeboats. Arming all remaining warheads, he steered the grievously wounded flagship toward the Neosapien battle lines, its destruction generating an enormous shockwave that obliterated several enemy ships.

In spite of her destruction, she is present at the opening scene of Episode 49. That means she was probably rebuilt, but she was no longer Exofleet flagship.

Equipped with a plethora of E-frame hangars, laser batteries, and fusion torpedo launchers, the Resolute could deliver a staggering amount of firepower to multiple targets. As the personal command ship for Admiral Winfield, the Resolute also served as the tactical nerve center for the entire fleet. It was roughly 830 meters long.

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