Marsala's RA-678 Rapid Assault E-frame

One of the few two-seat E-frames in the Exofleet, the RA-678 Rapid Assault was optimized for ground combat. It was equipped with an impressive array of weaponry and battlefield surveillance devices. Lt. Nara Burns and Marsala shared one of these before Burns' promotion. Their Algernon Upgrade was a cloaking device. (Even for Algernon, it is impossible to mount one on an object any smaller).

The Neo Sapien equivalent was the Troop Transport E-frame.


The following description is from the Playmates toy and may not match the TV version.

Floating Drone Disk (to survey battlefield, lock-on to enemy e-frames)

Dual Powered Turbosonic Rocket Launchers (armor piercing, computerized targeting)

Stern Chaser & Telescopic Scout Cannons

Multiple Impact Laser (provide assault coverage by blanket-bombing e-frame perimeter, armor piercing)

Retro-Bow Lasers

High Repeating Beta Lasers (two, underneath cockpit; long range, armor piercing)

Blow-Apart Battle Shielding (disengages on impact) Two-seat e-frame, though solo operation is possible

Algup = cloaking device