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RA-643 E-frame
High-speed E-frame in standard Neosapien colors
Height 2.4m (7' 10")
Width 1.4m (4' 7")
Wingspan 1.0m (3' 3")
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Standard Armaments
Armaments Top/Front
  • Dual Shoulder Launched Fusion Missile Clusters (two banks of six launchers, fired in groups of four or six; long or short range)
  • Ultralight Blaster

Right Arm

  • Crushing Mace Missile
  • Small warhead rocket (outer arm)
  • Light Blaster (inner arm)

Left Arm

  • Powered Arm Rocket (high impact lightning strike rocket designed to pierce exoframes and explode inside)
  • Light Blaster (top of arm)
  • Small warhead rocket (inner arm)
Known Pilots
Pilots Typhonus

Peter Tanaka

Propulsion/ Maneuvering[]

Primary Lift/Thrust: Directional Leg Thrusters


Cockpit: 2cm Clearvision and Composite Protective Shielding
Front: 4cm Plasteel Armor; heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat
Back: 3cm Plasteel Armor exterior, 2cm Plasteel Armor interior (electronics and power distribution housed in between);
Arms: 2cm Plasteel Armor housing; heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat

Accessory Equipment[]


  • Surface Scanning Spy Radar (detects life forms up to 75 miles away)


This E-frame is very aerodynamic, light, and as a result fast. In order to achieve its manuverbility and quickness, the amount of armor has been sacrificed so these E-Frames will often succumb to only one or two direct hits. The High Speed Stealth E-Frame was the most widely produced Neosapien exoframe, comprising about 80-90% of all Neo E-Frame forces. This model was also used in the vacuum of space despite the irrelevance of its aerodynamics there.

Very versatile, the E-frame could be comfortably piloted by both Terrans and the larger Neosapiens. The Neo Lords were able to pilot this model of e-frame as well. Though introduced at the beginning of Phaeton's conquest of the Homeworlds, many would later be seen operated by the Earth Resistance and the Pirate Clans. It was the preferred e-frame by Governor General Typhonus who often piloted one when he lead his troops in battle. Kaz Takagi acquired Typhonus's personal e-frame after his Exofighter was destroyed in Call of the Unknown. Other pilots who used these e-frames were the pirate trainees accompanying Hallas at the Attack on Sinope and the Neosapien Thrax who flew one during the Exofleet and Resistance's reconquest of Venus. Wolf Bronski hijacked one of these E-frames when aiding Able Squad's escape from the flagship Olympus Mons.


The RA-643 E-frame does not appear to be fully sealed against vacuum as the operator’s arms are clearly exposed and visible through large apertures in the E-frame’s torso. While Neosapiens can survive for a short period in low air environments (as demonstrated by Marsala rescuing Nara Burns in Hidden Terrors), it is improbable that they can use these E-frames for extended periods in space without helmets. Even more illogically, humans from the Pirate Clans use a few of these captured E-frames in the episode Ultimate Weapon, again without the benefit of helmets or space suits.

Although the shoulders of this E-Frame have doors for homing grenade launchers on both sides, only the launchers on the pilot's left are ever seen being opened and fired throughout their appearances in the series.


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