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Nick Tyree
Nick tyree.png
Nick Tyree
Vital statistics
Rank Not applicable
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Earth Resistance
Position Australian Resistance Leader

Appearences The Gathering

The Embassy
Warrior Brood
The Dream War
No Surrender
Fifth Column - The Fall of the Neosapien Empire Part 2
Abandon Hope - The Fall of the Neosapien Empire Part 5
Beyond Chaos

I freed Australia. What have you done today?

The leader of the Australian resistance on earth, Nick is a hot headed leader who acts like he should automatically be in charge. In truth, Tyree is the sort of person who shouts in a battle just so his voice can be heard.

During the meeting of the resistance and Exo-fleet, Tyree was the loudest voice of opposition to Exo-fleet’s assistance to the resistance. Another tribute to his hard headedness.

Tyree was not seen after the meeting, however he was certainly heard from. Tyree and Australian resistance operated of their own Volition for some time. Napier allowed them to operate in this manner because he didn’t think they’d do anything foolish. That is, until Tyree initiated his campaign to liberate Australia. With the Exo-fleet still months away from being ready to mount a massive land fall, and the limited resources of the Resistance, there was no way for the resistance to stand up against a Neosapian counter attack. And certainly no way for them to stand against the Neo-warriors that they encountered.

It was here that Tyree realized that Napier had been made earth leader for a reason. While Tyree may have been suitable to lead the rag-tag, often tougher then nails, Australian resistance he could never lead the entire earth bound resistance. Following this campaign, Tyree was of little more trouble and followed orders as they were given.

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