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I am bred to fight

Wotan, a prominant Neo-lord

Designed to be the ultimate fighting machine, in or out of an E-frame, Neo-lords are considered to be the pinnacle of Neosapien physiology. Standing between 8 and 10 feet tall, a Neo-Lord is an imposing sight.

An outgrowth of the Neo Warrior project, the Neo Lords are a serious step up from Neo Warriors. Where Neo Warriors combined simply two DNA strands, Neosapien and beast, a Neo Lord's DNA strand is comprised of dozens of genetic codes both natural and artificial. With two pairs of insect-like wings, Neo-lords are dangerously fast and maneuverable able to fly under their own power. Their three fingered hands are tipped with razor sharp talons capable of slicing through E-frame armor, and their enormous strength provides the force to do it. Covered in some form of natural armor that resembles an insect carapace, a Neo Lord is extremely tough and resilient even to E-frame blaster fire. The Neo Lords are able to reduce their body temperature to blend into the background and become invisible to thermal scans. Taking a trait from the Raptor breed of Neo Warrior, a few Neo Lords have demonstrated the ability to spit an acid. But, perhaps the most frightening thing about a Neo Lord when compared to Neo Warriors is the fact that he is at least as intelligent as a Neo Sapien.

Neo Lords were fist encountered in Antarctica when Exofleet pilot J.T. Marsh was captured by the Neo Sapiens. Marsh was pitted against a single Neo Lord as a test of the Neo-lord's abilities. Despite the superior firepower of Marsh's E-frame, the Neo Lord was able to defeat him.

Where additional firepower is required, Neo Lords are capable of using any weapon the Neosapiens can build; even E-frames! However, the Neo Lords were introduced too late in the war to turn to the tide against the Exo-fleet. With only a handful of completed Neo Lords active when Exo-Fleet made landfall on Earth, and Phaeton constantly using them to execute any of his traitorous officers, the Neo Lords turned out to be a case of too little, too late.

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