Neo-Sapian Science created that thing. Imagine what else they've got waiting for us...
The Neo-mutate
The Neo-mutate
Vital statistics
Rank NA
Gender NA
Race Neosapian (Former)
Faction Neosapian Order
Position NA

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When the Neo Mega scientist Lysander arrived on Venus, he took command of a project that dealt with the Neosapian condition known as Auto-mutation Syndrome. That project created a mutant Neo-Sapian with shape shifting abilities, unknown to Lysander however. During an attack on the Mount Artemis laboratory fortress, the Neo-Mutate escaped, killed Lysander and then assumed his identity. Marsala and Nara Burns captured the Mutate thinking it was Lysander. Believing they had a another Neo-mega to study, Exo-fleet sent Hallas in the Pirate ship Scavenger to take the Neo-mega to Chaos to be questioned. In rout, the Neo-Mutate awoke and escaped from it's cell. After killing the guard, it assumed the form of Hallas and then attacked the captain. When Weston and DeLeon began to investigate, the Mutate attempted to kill Weston by blasting her out into Space. Believing it to be Hallas, Weston Maggie attacked him until DeLeon told her Hallas had been with him on the bridge when the bay doors were opened.

The Neo-Mutate, assumed DeLeon's identity and took control of his E-frame. In the resulting battle between the Neo-mutate, and Maggie, DeLeon's e-frame fell onto a container of the same mutating agent that had created the Mutate in the first place. The agent forced the creature into a another mutation and it momentarily liquefied. Then it shot out and affixed itself to Maggie's e-frame and took control of it. With the Mutate in control of the Repair E-frame, it was time to abandon the ship. DeLeon set his e-frame's fusion pack to exploded and the surviving crew quickly escaped in the shuttle leaving the Mutate to be destroyed by the fusion pack.

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