Neosapien Mobile Command E-frame
Mobile command E-frame in Standard colors
Height 2.7m (8' 10")
Width 1.7m (5' 7")
Wingspan {{{Wingspan}}}
Profile 1.1m (3' 7")
Standard Armaments
Armaments Neutron Shoulder Rockets x3

Powered Claw Cruise Missile x2 Tri-Blaster x2 Power Claw x2

Known Pilots
Pilots Phaeton

Mobile Land and Air Command E-Frame
Type: General Purpose E-Frame


Height: 2.7m(8' 10")
Width [shoulder to shoulder]: 1.7m (5' 7")
Profile [cockpit]: 1.1m (3' 7"


Primary Lift/Thrust: Directional Leg Thrusters



  • Neutron Shoulder Rockets (three, designed to neutralize ExoTroopers but leave e-frames intact)


  • Powered Claw Cruise Missile (one each arm; long or short range)
  • Tri-Blaster (one each arm; medium power, but rapid-fire)
  • Power Claw (one each arm)


Cockpit: 3cm Clearvision and Composite Protective Shielding
Front: 7cm Plasteel Armor; heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat
Back: 5cm Plasteel Armor exterior, 2cm Plasteel Armor interior (electromics and power distribution in between); heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat
Arms: 3cm Plasteel Armor housing; heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat


The Command E-Frame is standard issue for Neosapien exoframe squadron commanders. While still aerodynamic in design, it has much better armor than the High Speed Stealth E-Frame and can survive multiple direct hits. Its weaponry is limited, but powerful. Governor General Phaeton's personal Command E-frame was specially up-armoured for high temperature resistance, allowing him to survive immersion in a lava pool when duelling JT Marsh in Defying Olympus.

Command E-Frames were the only combat vehicles in the Neo Sapien military not painted in their standard purple colour scheme. They were most commonly painted light blue, and on rare occasions in orange. Phaeton usually piloted a black painted example.

Exo-frame GalleryEdit


Mobile Command E-frame in Alternate Colors


Neosapien Venusian Resistance Customized Mobile Command E-frame

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