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Interrogator e-frame in standard purple colour

Easily the ugliest E-frame ever fielded by any of the belligerents in the Neo Sapien War, the Interrogator's canopy and communications aerials resemble the compound eyes and sensory feelers of a housefly. The shoulder pads and arms of the vehicle are covered in spikes - more of an intimidation measure rather than of any practical combat utility.


Draconis first uses this E-frame model, painted in red and yellow, while leading the Neosapien garrison's defense against the combined liberation forces of Exofleet Jump Troops and the Resistance guerrillas (Venus Rising). He briefly duelled one to one against James Burns in his salvaged SLR-345 Field Communications E-frame.

The Interrogator E-frame appears again in Dark River, piloted by Draconis's replacement clone. This e-frame was blown to pieces by Neo Lords dispatched to execute the unlucky commander of the Amazon garrison.

Interrogator E-frames were not commonly used by rank and file Neo forces, only appearing in large numbers towards the end of the Exosquad series. Several were assigned to Typhonus's Moon Base in One Small Step; others make sporadic appearances in the rest of the Fall of the Neo Sapien Empire episode arc, all painted in standard Neo Sapien light purple with yellow knee caps.


The Interrogator is armed very similarly to the Exofleet LD-029 Field Sergeant E-frame: a fist shaped grip claw on the right arm and a three barrel cannon on the left. In contrast to the LD-029's projectile ammunition using cannon, the Interrogator's cannons appear to be energy blasters. Additionally, the Interrogator possesses a fixed melee blade mounted underneath the blaster cannons.

Considering the Interrogator E-frame's sparse appearances in Exosquad, it cannot be determined if the tubes mounted above the cockpit canopy are actually combined engine/missile launchers similar to the AA-500 Aerial Attack and TB-024 Reconnaissance E-frames.

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