I did trust you Liva, that is why I never made any clones of you.
Livia, Commander of Earth
Vital statistics
Rank General
Gender Female
Race Neosapian
Faction Neosapian Order
Position Commanding General of Earth (Replaced Shiva)

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General Livia was Phaeton's right hand woman and his most trusted adviser. After General Shiva had been accused of treason, Livia was appointed the new Commanding General of Earth Occupation. Most likely, she gained her high status because of her deep devotion to the "Neosapien Destiny" doctrine, which her leader proclaimed, and her admiration of Phaeton himself. Only his suicidal plan to destroy the Earth could convince her to reconsider her loyalty at the very end of the war. Known for despising all humans, it was Livia's ultimate goal to destroy humanity and ascend Phaeton to the divine master of the Universe. When Phaeton finally ordered her executed for attempting to sabotage his doomsday device, he told her he never had her cloned because he trusted her. Livia's death is never depicted on-screen, nor, is there any comment made to state that she is dead. Her fate remains unknown.


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