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LD-029 Field Sergent
Field Sergeant E-frame
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A perfect E-frame for a perfect soldier like Rita Torres, #LD-029 possessed an extensive amount of firepower as well as a lightsaber-like Laser Strike Blade capable of cutting through any material. Torres' personal Algernon Upgrade was an Armor Piercing Charge Emitter, which turned the large hand of her E-frame into a powerful battering ram.


The following is based on the Playmates action figure and not always consistent with the e-frame depicted in the TV series.

Shoulder-Mounted launcher fires Electro Magnetic Seeking Rockets with Programmable Discrimination Sequence (right shoulder)

High Pressure Grip Claw (right arm; highly effective in close quarter fights) (Algup = fist can fire with Armor Piercing charge capability. Max pressure with 98% thrust is 985746 P.S.I.)

Firing capability 2 mid range armor ripping missiles.

Laser strike blade that can penetrate all known materials.

Duel Powered wrist launcher fires rapid firing explosive scythes.

High speed multi-barreled projectile launcher, armor piercing (left arm; combination long range and short range weapon, Highly effective against reinforced E-frames, Max projectile rate within operating tempatures is 4500 R.P.S.)


The LD-029 Field Sergeant E-Frame is normally issued to an Exosquad’s senior non-commissioned officer or may be used by the commanding officer. It lacks rocket or missile armament; its primary offensive ranged weapon is a triple barrelled belt fed cannon on its left arm. It is unclear if the ammunition feed of this weapon is actually a helical magazine within the length of left wrist. The visible ammunition belt is too short to be the e-frame’s only available ammo for sustained fire fights and is not connected to an external canister as seen on the #SLR-345 Field Communications E-Frame.

While suffering a dearth of extended range warheads, the Field Sergeant E-Frame has an advantage over most other e-frames of its size in melee combat owing to its right hand fist and extendable energy blade. The fist possesses enough leverage to throw off unwanted intruders such as mischievous Exoscouts or Neo Lords climbing on the e-frame’s back (The Price of Courage; Abandon Hope); it can also smash through the canopies of opposing e-frames if a personnel kill is desired.

As for the energy blade, it can slice a fighter size spacecraft in half effortlessly; Rita Torres was only seen using this weapon twice: against a Pirate fighter and Neo Sapien Y-wing (Seeds of Deception; Scorched Venus).

The entire LD-029 is built solidly enough to bear even heavier loads like a disabled Field Repair E-frame (Fire Ship). However the exerted force of the fist can be lowered sufficiently if taking live captives is desired. This made the Field Sergeant e-frame a good choice for Venus resistance fighters who kidnapped Marsala in Ultimatum.

Tertiary armament consists of miniature shoulder mounted turrets. It is unknown how effective these weapons are against vehicles and may serve an anti-personnel function.

There have been at least three colour schemes observed for the LD-029: orange, blue and olive.

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