Kozeri 001
Commander Kozeri, Exo-frame pilot
Vital statistics
Rank Commander
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Exofleet
Position Platoon Commander of Baker Squad
E-frames LD-029 Field Sergent
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Commander Kozeri was leader of Baker Squad when it worked with Able Squad on Mars to retrieve Marduk. While it is not stated as such in any source, it can be assumed that Kozeri is a Lt. Cmdr because he took command when Marsh had been incapacitated and thus he would need to outrank Nara and in turn be outranked by Marsh who was a commander at the time.

Kozeri's first appearance was during JT Marsh's briefing of Able and Baker squad's impending recon mission to Mars. He showed undisguised annoyance at Kaz Takagi's quip that there would be 'No fun for us' because the mission emphasized information collection rather than engaging the Neos.

When the meeting at the Falls of Eris with Marduk turned into an overwhelming ambush led by Typhonus, Kozeri led Baker squad out of their covering positions to counter-attack the Neo e-frames. In this engagement, Baker squad lost two e-frames and its Exofighter, for a total of four exotrooper fatalities. Kozeri called for a retreat as Able Squad's Rita Torres plunged into the bottom of the Falls and JT Marsh was knocked unconscious in the chaos. Unwilling to risk further casualties, he forbade Nara Burns from searching for the missing Rita Torres. As Able and Baker Squad's survivors retreated through the canyons pursued by Typhonus's forces, Kozeri deferred to Alec DeLeon to lead their escape route through a cave.

He became agitated with both Takagi and Bronski when the pair went off mission in an attempt to recover the missing Rita Torres, ordering them back to base. Their only response was to shut off their communication systems. Nara set out to retrieve the two Exotroopers, warning that Kozeri was about to court martial them for their insurbordination.

Kozeri returned command of the mission to Marsh upon his recovery. During the two exosquads' first entry into what turned out to be an Alien transmitter, Baker Squad lost Henshaw and her BD100 e-frame to the alien installation's defenses. On their exit, the Terrans were confronted by reinforcements sent to aid Typhonus. Kozeri took the lead in driving off Neo e-frames who had just destroyed Takagi's Exofighter.

When Able and Baker squad reentered the alien transmitter at Professor Algernon's urging, they were again confronted by Typhonus and Exial's forces. During the battle, Kozeri was struck by an energy sphere and vanished. It can be assumed that he was killed. Kozeri piloted a blue coloured Field Sergeant E-frame.

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