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The Pirate, Jubail
Vital statistics
Rank Captian
Gender Male
Race Pirate
Faction Pirate Clans
Position Commander

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Only a coward allows another to remove his obstacles!

A hot headed leader among the Pirate Clans, Jubail followed Simbacca only grudgingly and never without voicing his opinion first.


Some time before the second Neosapien uprising, Jubail led a pirate ambush in which Rita Torres lost her entire squad. That event was forever etched into Torres' memory. According to Barca, Jubail lost in turn a brother during a battle with the Exofleet.

When J.T. Marsh and DeLeon came to meet Simbacca to negotiate an alliance, it was Jubail who arrived at the orbit of Saturn to meet them, and then imprison them for the trip to Tethys. During Marsh's negotiation with Simbacca, Jubail challenged Marsh to a martial arts match. Jubail lost that match and subsequently owed Marsh a debt of honor for sparing his life.

When Simbacca was captured by Typhonus, and then rescued by Marsh and DeLeon, Jubail led the counter-attack against the Neosapiens, refusing Barca's suggestion to let Simbacca die to seize power over the Pirate Clans.

Even after the alliance was forged, Jubail did not trust the Exofleet and continued to push for separation from them. During a tour and demonstration of E-frames, Rita Torres attacked Jubail and was arrested. Cashing in the debt owed him, Marsh told Jubail to drop the charges against Torres.

When Simbacca told the Exofleet of the existence of the planet Chaos, Jubail became enraged and quickly left. He ran into Barca, who was communicating with Typhonus. Jubail was then killed by Barca, who claimed Jubail was the spy for the Neosapiens.


  • His name may be based on the Arabian town of Jubail, or the Biblical character Jubal, a descendant of Cain.
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