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Jonas Simbacca
Jonas Simbacca, Leader of the Pirate Clans
Vital statistics
Rank Leader
Gender Male
Race Pirate
Faction Pirate Clans
Position Clan Leader

Appearences (1.01) Pirate Scourge

(1.02) Seeds of Deception

(1.03) Hidden Terrors

(1.04) Blitzkrieg

(1.14) Defying Olympus

(2.01) The Gathering

(2.02) Embassy

(2.03) Pirate's Ransom

(2.04) Ultimae Weapon

(2.05) Expendable

(2.09) Inner Dark

(2.13) Flesh Crawls

(2.14) Behind the Shield

(2.16) Miracle

(2.22) Fire Ship

(2.31) The Price of Courage

(2.34) One Small Step

(2.35) Fifth Column

There was no man in the Solar System more feared than Jonas Simbacca. That was before Phaeton.

Jonas Simbacca is the present leader of the Pirate Clans and is a truly ruthless leader and fighter.


It has been suggested that he obtained his rank and position with in the Pirate clans by being stronger, tougher and smarter then his opposition. Like all Pirates, Simbacca is descended from Terran convicts who were brought to Tethys as slave labor. Because of this history he is initially distrustful of the Exo-fleet when Marsh asks him to join in their fight against Phaeton. However, Simbaca is also an intelligent man. And one that realizes a leader can not make decisions based on past generations' circumstances. Following his rescue from Typhonus, at the hands of Marsh, DeLeon and Hallas, Simbacca announced that the Pirate Clans will join with the Exo-fleet.

True to his vow of an alliance, Simbacca tells the Exo-fleet about Chaos. The world is presented as a safe haven for the Exo-fleet to rearm. During a weapons demonstration, Hallas attacks Simbacca in an attempt for power. Due to Simbacca's extended exposure to dark matter, and the resulting Dark Matter Syndrome, his prognosis is grim and looks terminal. It is Professor Algernon who devises a treatment using exposure to a full spectrum light that saves Simbacca's life. This treatment also treats Simbacca's Dark Matter syndrome and as such becomes less aggressive toward the other troopers. Simbacca is placed in command of the Resolute II and becomes Admiral Winfield's right hand man. He shows himself to be an able tactical commander in the heat of a battle and leads the Resolute II to numerous victories over Neosapien forces.

Perhaps because he has received treatment for Dark Matter Syndrome, perhaps because of his age, Simbacca seems ready to coexist with his allies once the war is over. Unlike his fellow Pirates, many of whom seem to enjoy fighting for its own sake, Simbacca always knows what he wishes to accomplish (although he does enjoy matching wits with other great military minds). He looks forward to profiting from the opportunities to make money that he anticipates will be available after the war. Simbacca has also shown himself to technologically creative. During the invasion of Neosapien controlled Venus, it was Simbacca who surmised that the Pirates' cloaking ability would protect them from the effects of GRAF Shield.

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