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James Burns
James burns.jpg
James Burns
Vital statistics
Rank Not applicable
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Venus Resistance
Position Venusian Resistance Leader
E-frames RA-643 Supersonic High Speed Stealth Attack; SLR-345 Field Communications E-frame
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James Burns was the leader of the Terran resistance on planet Venus, and the younger brother of Able Squad member Nara Burns. His first appearance was in Hidden Terrors.

Early Life[]

James grew up on his parents farm on Venus and assisted the running of the farm right up until the Neosapien invasion.


After James lost his parents in a Neosapien fighter attack on his farm during Operation Destiny, he formed the locals into a resistance group which ultimately grew to become the Venus Resistance.

Utilizing hit and run tactics and jumps pack to move swiftly, the Resistance quickly became an aggravating nuisance to the invaders. The occupying forces attempted to stamp out insurgency by starving it. They burned all of Venus's crops and shipped its cattle to other planets. When the Venus Resistance encountered elements of Able Squad, their first thought was to trade them to the enemy for for food.

After Nara convinced James to spare her ExoFleet colleagues, the Venus Resistance members were offered extraction to Io base. They all refused. The Resistance was then provided with a shuttle full of food and a promise of future support.

Liberation of Venus and Aftermath[]

James was severely injured during the liberation of Venus and required extensive recuperation and biosynthetic implants.

The damage to his personality was even more pronounced. James grew extremely bitter and twisted by his experiences during the war. Despite his hateful personae and his pathological enmity towards Neosapiens, he still attempted to save his sister's friend Marsala from his erstwhile comrades in the Venus Resistance. This effort resulted in his death.

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