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Vital statistics
Rank Commander
Gender Male
Race Pirate
Faction Pirate Clans
Position 1st Officer

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A young pirate who is a follower of Simbacca, though not a blind one or a particularly intelligent one. Halles is young, and head strong but can also be easily swayed. Early on in the alliance between the Pirate clans and Exo-fleet, Hallas was among the first group of Pirates chosen by Simbacca to become an E-frame pilot.

Out of necessity, the Pirate E-frame squadron, plus J.T. and DeLeon were sent out to eliminate a pair of NeoSapian Scouts. Barca convinced Hallas that Simbacca sent Hallas out with out proper training because he feared that Hallas might prove a threat to his position one day. A few weeks later, on planet Chaos, Barca managed to convince Hallas to assassinate Simbacca in fear of Simbacca removing Hallas as a potential threat.

When the attempt failed, Hallas went under ground and linked up with the Rouge Pirate clans. After escaping from the rouge clans with Able Squad in the captured battle cruiser, that would become the Resolute II, Hallas put his life in Simbacca's hands. Thanks to Marsh's interference, Simbacca spared Hallas' life. In return Hallas faithfully followed Simbacca.

That is until he was again approached by Barca who asked him join him with the Neosapians. Knowing that his only chance was to free the captured Able Squad, Hallas pretended to go along with Barca. He managed to free Nara Burns and then get her to the bay with the E-frames. While Hallas held off Barca and the other pirates, Nara started up the E-frame.

Hallas took several blasts full chest from Barca and the other pirates. The resulting damage to his neural system paralyzed him. His hospitalization kept Hallas from participating in the end of the war and it was only following the war, that he was fitted with an Exo-skeletal frame that allowed him to walk.

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