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Gidas was the Neosapien Commonwealth’s Finance Minister. He was the first casualty of the war, but also the first to try and stop it.


Shortly before the war, he conducted a series of audits on factory complexes located on Mars. What he found - or rather, what he didn’t find - alarmed him. Millions of dollars worth of machinery had been ordered for various factories, but upon inspection the machinery was nowhere to be found. Materiel purchases had nearly quadrupled, yet factory output was down to nearly half of what it should have been. Gidas feared the worst and suspected some massive form of industrial scheme or coup.

He went before Phaeton to report the problem and offer his resignation as Finance Minister, seeing that as his only chance to avoid scandal from the problems. Phaeton told Gidas not to worry, and that it had been himself that had ordered the additional equipment and material. Phaeton then led Gidas on a guided tour of his secret factory complex located under Maginus City. There Phaeton had been building advanced E-frames and weapons. He told Gidas that the Terrans knew the Neosapiens would never ask for equality so long as they could not defend themselves. The E-frame]]s and weapons were to provide a Neosapien defense force with which, the Neosapiens could stand up and demand the rights they had been denied for fifty years.

Gidas at first took Phaeton at his word, but continued to look into the matter. Soon after his meeting with Phaeton, he broke into Phaeton's secret files and learned his master plans to conquer the Homeworlds and destroy the Exofleet. Before he could do anything about it, Phaeton’s guards burst in and arrested him.

Fearful for the loss of the life that he knew would accompany such an act, Gidas pleaded with Phaeton to not go through with his plans. But Phaeton's mind was set and he would not be deterred. He decided to make an example of Gidas and had him sent to the Neurological Research department.


  • His name is based on Gidas, the old name for the Greek city of Alexandreia.
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