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I am not a traitor. If Phaeton is not stopped, he will destroy us all. Terrain and Neo-Sapian alike!
The Neomega Galba
Vital statistics
Rank NA
Gender Male
Race Neomega
Faction Neosapian Order
Position Adviser

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Like all Neo-megas, Galba was created for the purpose of his enhanced intellect and creative mind. Unlike the other Neomegas, Galba was not assigned to a general. Instead, he was assigned to work with Praetorius in the Ministry of Genetics. Galba arrived at Preatorious' Antarctica base just before the completion of the Neo-Lord breed. Upon seeing the power of the Neo-Lords, Galba realized that should they completed at the rate of the Neo-warrior breeds, Phaeton would be unstoppable. Galba was smart enough to realize that Phaeton was loosing the war, and the more he lost he more dangerous he would become.

When J.T. Marsh was captured and brought to the base, Galba saw a chance to slow the development of the Neo-Lords. Telling Marsh to pretend to be Kaz Takagi, Galba gained Marsh a reprieve from being sent directly to Phaeton. Following the test of the Neo-Lord against Marsh, Galba freed Marsh and told him to lead the Exo-fleet back to the complex. Marsh told him he could do more damage from inside.

Galba again betrayed Phaeton when he contacted the Earth Resistance and told them of Phaeton's Dooms Day weapon. It was then that Praetorius discovered Galba's traitorous acts and reported him to Phaeton. Galba was arrested and then transported to Solder Field in Phaeton City to be executed in mass execution with numerous other traitors to Phaeton. Has luck would have it, Exo-fleet took control of Phaeton City (Chicago) before the order could be carried out.

Following the war, Galba worked with the Exo-fleet and lead them to many of Phaeton's secret laboratories. With Professor Algernon's help, he created a Neo-mega/human hybrid and programmed it with the memories from DeLeon's e-frame's black box, creating in-effect an resurrection of Alec DeLeon.


  • His name is based on Galba.
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