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Captain Furlong
Captain Furlong
Vital statistics
Rank Captain
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Exofleet
Position Captain of the Dominion; Removed from command

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Just give me an excuse you mutinous piece of slime!
- Admiral Winfield to Captain Furlong

The hot-headed captain of the ExoCarrier Dominion, Furlong verbally disagreed with Admiral Winfield’s plan of preparation before attacking the Neosapiens. He declared to Captain Matthew Marcus of the Resolute that if he were in command the fleet's officers would not spend time making the fleet pretty, they would spend time making it fight. In the days prior to Captain Marcus's mutiny against Admiral Winfield, Furlong’s criticism of Winfield became more frequent, as did his encouragement of Marcus to take command. It may very have been Furlong’s words that finally pushed Marcus over the edge of mutiny.

Furlong fully supported Marcus's mutiny and provided troops and equipment for it's success. Furlong, in command of the Dominion, was right alongside Marcus when they made contact with the Neosapien fleet.

Following the Battle with the Neosapien fleet, Admiral Winfield took command of the Dominion and ordered the fleet to return to Io. Captain Furlong was removed from Command and not seen again during the series.

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