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It was a golden age for all Mankind. Using the incredible exoskeletons called E-frames, we had successfully terraformed Venus and Mars, and were poised to move on to the outer planets. Suddenly, it all ended! We were pressed into a nightmarish war on a scale previously un-imagined. We were attacked by our own creations, the Neosapiens -- a race of artificially created humans. Lead by Phaeton, they had seized control of Venus, Earth and Mars.

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Chaos The hidden tenth planet in the solar system, the world known as Chaos was discovered and colonized by the Pirate Clans of Saturn and became their secondary base. Read article


February 21/New Tools, new pages
First, I gotta give a shout out to Koveras Alvane. He's been a huge help with the Exosquad wiki in the last few weeks. He's been reorganizing the images so they're easier to work with, and catching a lot of other little glitches that slipped under my notice. Check the Bronksi article to see what he got to happen there.
I've also been doing some work myself. I've managed to get images and pages up for a lot of things in the last few days. Most of these are nothing more the the pages with the info boxes and images so they can really use some TLC in terms of info.
Admiral Winfield,Resolute,Colleen O'Reilly, Avery F. Butler, Vince Pellegrino, Furlong,Neosapien Mobile Command E-frame, Professor Algernon, Mathew Marcus, Amanda Conners and James Burns.
I've also polished off the Planet Chaos entry as you can see in the featured article section.

September 21/New Tools
I've been hard at work and deployed a couple new tools for contributors to utilize as they edit pages in the Exo-squad Wiki.
First up we have the Cleanup template. You can use this template to add a note at the top of the article that explains while the article may be factually complete the formatting of the article is need of additional work, links to other articles need to placed or grammar and spelling needs to be addressed.
Next on the list of new tools is the Dis-ambiguous Template. In a story as diverse and involved as Exo-squad, we're going to run into two or more articles that share the same name. Use this template to designate a possible ambiguity in an article.

Maverike prime

August 27/Added Pages
Okay, I've added more pages. These newest addition include: 'Rogue' Asteroids, Earth Resistance, Jinx Madison and Eve Hanley. I've also made the first E-frame page for the wiki, and what do you expect it to be? Of course, non-other then that most ubiquitous E-frame, the RA-643 Supersonic High Speed Stealth Attack!

Maverike prime 06:39, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

August 26/Added Pages
I've Started going through my Exo-squad DVDs and Files and grabbing images of characters to post. Today I posted an image for the Captain Ryack page.
I went through and added pages for the Multiple Warhead Plasma Grenade, Mega-burst Jammer, Chain Lightning, Solar Flare and Dark Matter Syndrome. All of these pages are marked as stubs and can use expansion.
Added the Template:Exo-squad Universe to the Able Squad page, though this page still needs information.

Maverike prime 06:15, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

August 22/J.T. Marsh
Updated the J.T. Marsh page.
August 22/Phaeton
Created the Phaeton character page
August 22/Nara Burns
Updated the Nara Burns character page, removed it's stub designation

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Exo-Fleet Neosapian Order Resistance Pirate Clans

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