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EL-909 Neosapien Y-wing
EL-909 Y-wing in standard Neosapien color scheme
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History and Description[]

The EL-909 "Y-Wing" is the standard model, mass-produced aero fighter created by the Neosapien Commonwealth in the years leading up to the (Second) Neosapien War. Named for its distinctive Y-shaped airframe, the EL-909 serves as the typical aerospace superiority fighter of the Commonwealth. Y-wings were usually the first responders to any Exofleet incursion into Neo Sapien occupied territory. Blindingly fast, covered in weapon mounts, and exceptionally manueverable, the Y-Wing is a dangerous combatant in space and in atmosphere.

In contrast to the Exofighter which was issued singly per exosquad, Y-wings operated in homogeneous groups of three or more fighters or teamed up with Neo e-frames to provide air cover. Just like the Command E-frame, Y-wings were not painted in the standard Neo Sapien light purple scheme seen on their other e-frames, hover tanks and capital ships. The standard colour scheme was a darker shade of purple mixed with green. Thrax's personal Y-wing was painted bright red and yellow.

The Y-Wing also has an advantage over the Terran ExoFighter, in that it can lower its wings and fuselage into a tripod configuration, enabling it to walk across the ground and engage landbound opponents. While not an optimal combat configuration, this lends extra utility to the fighter.

If there is a downside to the EL-909, it is the fact that it is minimally armored, relying more on speed and manueverability to save it than heavy protection, something that the Terrans have learned to exploit.

EL-909 Thrax custom colors

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