DW-240 Enforcer
Sean Napier's personal DW-240
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Known Pilots
Pilots Sean Napier

Nick Tyree


DW-240 Enforcer


Enforcer with Power fist and Flame thrower

DW-240-body(austrailian) copy

Nick Tyree's Personalised DW-240

The exact origin of the DW-240 is unclear, as it appears predominantly early on in the Neosapian War under Neosapian use, but there is at two recorded instance of it being employed by the Exofleet. Baker Squad (Martian Luck) and Fox Squad (Trial By Combat) were issued Police Enforcers painted in a dark olive scheme.

It is possible the original design was some form of construction vehicle, like a bull dozer or fork lift, and thus it became a universal design that was not prohibited for the Neosapiens to produce or operate prior to the war.

The design itself has been displayed to be highly variable and mounts a variety of weaponry ranging from fusion missiles and machine guns to power fists and flame throwers. Both Sean Napier and Nick Tyree utilize customized models of the DW-240, while early in the war Jinx Madison was assigned to operate a variant that mounted heavier weapons.

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