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Vital statistics
Rank Unknown
Gender Male
Race Neosapien
Faction Neosapien Order
Position Unclear, possibly Lieutenant General to Draconis
E-frames Troop Transport
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Draconis's loyal Lieutenant, and right hand operator. It is unclear what Creon thinks of Phaeton, but it is known that he is loyal to Draconis and his efforts to usurp Phaeton. He was the primary officer in charge of constructing Draconis's hidden fortress at Dragon Rock and complained that the terran slaves were too in-efficient as workers as they required more food and sleep.

When Lysander was assigned to Venus, Draconis instructed Creon to find out what his operation was about and Creon quickly went to work. Operating as the Military Liason to Lysander's operation, Creon was in command of the military forces that were guarding Lysander's facility. While there he worked to uncover the scope of Lysander's operations. While he was successful in determining that Lysander was working on a cure for Auto-mutation Syndrome, he was unable to communicate this information to Draconis due to Lysander's constant monitoring of communications.

While there, Creon was able to capture Marsala and inform Draconis of this event. Draconis used that event has valid reason to storm into Lysander's lab and demand to be told what Lysander was working on. Creon escaped the installation with Draconis as Marsh was fusion bombing it.

Creon was later in command of the pursuit force that went after Nara and Marsala when they discovered the activation of the GRAF Shield but was ordered to break off pursuit.

During the early stages of the Exo-fleet invasion of Venus, Creon took command of defenses in support of Draconis's efforts but was later ordered to guard a single shuttle. The shuttle was to be used as Draconis's personal escape ship should Vestsa fall.

Creon later supported Draconis attempted coup against Phaeton onboard the Olympus Mons II. He docked his shuttle with the Neosapien flagship and took Draconis away but not the Phaeton clone. He was later seen along Draconis upon his arrival and subsequent gloating that Draconis would become the new head of the Neosapien Order.

Following the revelation of the real Phaeton, Creon was not seen again. It can be assumed he was killed along side the original Draconis.


  • His name is based on the Greek mythological king Creon of Thebes, uncle of Oedipus.
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