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CR-001 Exo-fighter
Standard Armaments
Known Pilots
Pilots Kaz Takagi

One of the few "flight-only" E-frames in the Exofleet, the CR-001 Exo-fighter was incapable of ground combat, so its functions were primarily space and atmospheric reconnaissance and battle. Kaz Takagi was the only member of the Able Squad to use one of these and his teal coloured CR-001 was upgraded with a Holographic Decoy System that confused his enemies and left them open to attack.

The following armament is based on the Playmates toy line and may not match the TV version.

  • Dual Overwing Plasmic Rocket Launchers
  • Multi-directional maneuverable flight wings
  • Rapid Fire Attack Cannons (can reduce matter to subatomic level with repeated blasts)
  • Roving Radar Array with Laser-Guided Missile
  • Quick Release Sled (for rapid pilot escape)
  • Also capable of atmospheric flight
  • (Algup = Holographic duplication of fighter to confuse enemies trying to target)


Exofighters, often called 'Exowings' in the series, are usually issued as one per exosquad, rather than grouped together like their Neosapien counterpart, the EL-909 'Y-wing'. They are usually painted teal or orange. The Exofighter has the ability to separate its habited pilot section from its drive compartment in an emergency. Kaz Takagi used this ability to escape death when he was shot down in Heart of Mars.

While the fusion pack for humanoid shaped e-frames is usually located on their exterior, the Exofighter’s fusion pack is located on the left side of the pilot’s cockpit controls.

The Exofighter's weapons consist of two blaster cannons mounted just ahead of the cockpit. A round object, presumably a sensor dish, is placed underneath these blasters and coupled with a heavier extended length cannon. Two hardpoints for missiles are placed under the inhabited section, along with a hidden grappling hook when in use.

Strangely enough, the Exofighter has straight wings rather than swept back ones expected of a high speed jet aircraft. It is unknown if such a wing shape would adversely affect performance in atmospheric flight.


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