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The only heroes I ever saw weren’t breathing.
Avery Butler
Avery butler.png
Avery Butler, Captain of Charlie 5 Platoon
Vital statistics
Rank Captain
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Exofleet
Position Platoon Captain

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Voiced by Alvin Sanders

Captain Avery Butler is the hard leader of the Charlie Five company of Jumptroops.


As a commander, Butler appears hard and nearly emotionless save for anger. His actions are solid and to the point, much like his words. Butler will not beat around the bush if one of his Jumptroops did something he considers stupid. But beneath that hard exterior is the soul of a caring man who hates war and wishes to never be involved in another one.

Before every jump his company makes, Butler shouts out a question to the jump troops: “Are there any heroes on board?”, to which the jump troops promptly respond “NO SIR!”. While at first this may seem anti-moral to the troops, the jump troopers under Butler’s command know better. He cares about each and everyone of them. He doesn’t want heroics from them, he wants them to be a team. A team that will cover each others backs in a fire fight. A team that will still be alive at the end of the battle. For Avery Butler, the hardest thing about being a Jumptroop commander is recording the message that must be sent to the family and loved ones of every trooper killed in action. Even when the Neosapiens were in control of the Homeworlds, Butler always recorded a personalized message to each family.

Butler lead Charlie Five in a jump on Ceres to take a Neosapien stronghold, only to find out that it was a trap. Despite this, Charlie Five managed to capture a scraggly three-fingered Neosapien during the battle. That scraggly Neosapien turned out to be an example of the new Neo Megas, a breed of Neosapien created for the sole purpose of intelligence.

Charlie five was at the fore front during the campaign to retake the inner planets, and with it Avery Butler. From the mass drop on Venus, to the exploration of the alien transmitter on Mars, Butler led Charlie Five through it.

During the final days of the war, Charlie Five was sent on a drop to Earth to take out the Neo Lords breeding complex. The mission turned bad when a hoard of half-finished Neo Lords was unleashed and attacked Charlie five in a feral attack. Butler lead Charlie Five in a retreating action to the Washington Monument. There Charlie Five made a valiant stand against the half-formed Neo Lords, but these hyperviolent beasts would not be deterred.

They scaled the walls of the monument and surged through the stair wells. As the battle grew closer and more deadly, Butler was jumped by one Neo Lord. Thanks to a lucky shot by Lt. O'Reilly, Butler was saved but he was still seriously wounded. When Wolf Bronski came in piloting Admiral Winfield's shuttle to rescue Charlie Five, Butler turned command of the company over to O'Reilly.

Following the end of the war, Avery Butler took a posting as an instructor at the Exofleet academy, as an Officer Training specialist. Ironically, one of his first officer candidates was none other the hot head and occasionally insubordinate Kaz Takagi.

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