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Noretti's last words before crashing onto Earth.

Alice Noretti
Alice norretie.jpg
Alice Noretti
Vital statistics
Rank Lieutenat
Gender Female
Race Terran
Faction ExoFleet
Position Flight One: Able Squad
E-frames BD-100 Ground Assault E-frame(unverified)
Appearences Resist (unverified)

Target:Earth Under the Skin


Assigned to Able squad prior to the operation to destroy the GRAF Shield, Noretti was deployed along with Marsh, Marsala and DeLeon to Earth. During the insertion Noretti's landing pod was damaged and spiraled out of control smashing into the ground and killing her on impact. Her death left a deep emotional scar on Marsh's psyche. He began carrying a picture of her in his E-frame as a reminder of the first trooper that was lost under his command.

Neosapian forces located the crash site and recovered genetic samples. These samples were later utilized by Preatorius and Galba to resurrect her into a Neosapian/human hybrid, a creature that was Neosapian on the inside but appeared to be human on the outside. The intention of this project was to create an assassin that could infiltrate ExoFleet and kill Admiral Winfield.

Planting Noretti with a shipment of Terran slaves that was to be intercepted by the Chicago resistance, she made it to Venus and ultimately joined up with Able Squad. Her reintroduction brought about considerable confusion within the squad.

Due to Noretti's Neosapian internal anatomy, a dog that Bronski found reacted with hostility toward her. This proved to be Marsala's first clue as to her true nature. Later, when Marsala did not need to reconfigure his E-frame following Noretti's use of it, his suspicions deepened and he went to Marsh with them. Confused at Noretti's return, Marsh's judgement was clouded and he initially rejected Marsala's suspicions.

Noretti commandeered Marsala's E-frame and captured Admiral Winfield. Taking him deep into a cave system, she fought with her own inner feelings. One part ordering her to follow Phaeton's orders, the other demanding that she side with her friends in the ExoFleet. Unable to rectify the conflict, she abandoned her assignment and crashed the e-frame into a rock face, committing suicide.


A female exotrooper resembling Alice Noretti is briefly glimpsed battling Simbacca's pirate fleet in Seeds of Deception, flying a yellow BD-100 e-frame. During the first major engagement between the Neosapian fleet and the ExoFleet (Episode: Resist), the same woman appears to be the only Terran e-frame pilot from outside Able Squad engaging the Neos before Baker and Charlie Squad join the battle. Since the trooper is never referred to by name it is not proven that this was Noretti.

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