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Professor Algernon
Professor algernon.jpg
Professor Algernon, the most brilliant physicist in the solar system
Vital statistics
Rank Professor
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Exofleet
Position Head of Exofleet Intelligence

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Sometimes even a war isn't enough to keep Algernon's attention
Voiced by Michael Donovan.

Professor Algernon, formerly of the University of Chicago, was the head of the Research & Development Laboratories of the Exofleet. However, he had no real loyalty to the human government due to constant bureaucratic interference with his work.

When the war began, he submitted to the authority of the Neosapiens with the condition that they freely fund his research. Under this agreement, he collaborated without protest even to the point of permitting others to take credit for his discoveries. As the "lab assistant" of the Neosapiens' leading scientist, Xenobius, he designed the so called GRAF Shield, an ultimate defensive weapon capable of wiping out entire fleets approaching a planet.

Algernon, being unconcerned with public recognition, was quite happy with the arrangement as it permitted him to work freely for the first time in his life. However, in his encounters with Able Squad he realized two things that troubled him greatly - first, that his "handler" Xenobius despised him for his superior skills in the sciences, and second, that his work was being used for the enslavement and murder of countless people.

One is left to wonder which realization truly motivated his decision, but he then permitted himself to be extracted by the squad and worked for the Exofleet ever since. While in service to the fleet, he was essentially chief scientist for the fleet and whether or not he wanted to be; a senior member of the fleet's leadership. He also provided a needed technological resource to the resistance movement. While, on some level, displeased with the limited scientific facilities that the Pirate clans could provide; he was still able to create many impressive technological devices. It was primarily due to his inventions that Terrans often had the upper hand battling Neosapiens. Even after the war, he continued to contribute his works, and was shown before the end of the series to have rebuilt Mars using another one of his inventions.

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