AA-569 Amphibious Assault
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Standard Armaments
Armaments Beta laser x1

Elbow-mounted missile launchers x2 Servo-synchronized crab claw x1 Hammerhead missile launchers x2

Known Pilots
Pilots Shiva

Wolf Bronski

Large, imposing, and wielding a powerful battle claw on its right arm, the AA-569 Amphibious Assault was one of the heavier E-frame models fielded in the Neosapien military. Just as its name describes, the AA-569 was specially designed for navigating swampy amphibious environments that would have proved troublesome for more general purpose E-frames. Wide and positioned relatively low to the ground, the E-frame had excellent stability and also exerted lower ground pressure than its bulk would indicate, both significant advantages in a typical amphibious setting. They were often used at coastal installations or in city sewers, a popular Resistance hiding place. Yet even out of its intended battleground, the design was fielded as heavy support for Phaeton's legions of lighter Supersonic E-frames.

Outfitted with a large cockpit, the Amphibious Assault had enough room for two occupants though generally only one pilot was shown operating the frame. Mounted directly underneath the cockpit were two Hammerhead missile launchers. The right arm was equipped with a servo-synchronized crab claw which could be used in combat to crush enemy E-frames or simply to batter down navigation obstacles. The left arm mounted a hydrogen-cooled spectrum telescopic high intensity armor-piercing long range beta laser, which could be converted to a short range alpha laser. Adding to the impressive firepower were two elbow-mounted missile launchers. A detachable floating ray drone was located on the rear of the design. Tactically, the Amphibious Assault had narrow front and side profiles which made it a difficult target at those angles. However, this also made it a large target from above or below.

Notably, an AA-569 served as General Shiva's personal command E-frame throughout the Second Neosapien War.

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